About me – Personal

Hullo! I’m Rick. I’m an assistant professor at Farmingdale State College where I’ve been teaching economics since 2014. Before moving to Long Island I’ve lived in Texas, California, Massachusetts, and (as a child) Canada.

In addition to my professional activities as an economist, I also write patient descriptions of the problem of subsidies (and wild speculations on the core truths of human society) elsewhere on the Internet.

Besides economics I enjoy food, roller skating, and travel.

Lately I’ve developed a minor obsession with making food made out of entire ecosystems: sourdough bread, yogurt, sauerkraut, etc. There’s something exciting about knowing that I’m eating a real-life example of emergent order. But much as I like cooking, my real passion is eating. I’m an unabashed pancake snob, and I love a good doughnut. As a Canadian ex-pat I love all things maple flavored.

Since early 2015 I have been skating with a local roller derby league. My derby name is Daddy Longlegs and I’m an Outside Pack Ref.

In 2013 I got a motorcycle which I am now incapable of giving up. My favorite thing is travelling long distances by bike. After getting my PhD I made an 8000 mile trip from Lubbock to California, going through the five states in between. My favorite parts were in New Mexico and Utah. In the near future I’ll be exploring New England (and maybe the Canadian Maritime provinces) by bike. I’ve ridden in these states (although some of them were just on freeways).

I got to this road, south of Green River, UT, looking for a shortcut that didn’t involve boring old freeway. After a draining slog over gravel road near the airport I came out onto this over-grown beauty. It was like riding a Bruce Springsteen song.

Unfortunately Long Island is not a good place for motorcycling, so I haven’t had many exciting moto-adventures recently. But my fiance and I have started to travel internationally. So far we’ve been to Thailand, London, and Amsterdam.

Day-to-day I’m most likely to be watching movies or TV. I have weird taste in art generally… I like things that are profound and/or goofy. Here is a small sample of things I could re-watch: The Wire, Adaptation, Cape Fear, 3rd Rock From the Sun (I keep a Mr. Potato Man in my office as tribute), Simpsons (early seasons), South Park (a handful of classic episodes are worth re-watching), Planet Earth, Firefly, Rick and Morty, and that show where Will Arnett is sad. I could also re-“read” the Hitchiker’s Guide trilogy (I say “read” because my preferred method is audiobook… it’s nice to have professional British people read you stories #MarketsInEverything).